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Cork Walling

777 Flooring is a specialist cork flooring and walling service provider in the Western Cape. Expert cork walling (also known as dekwall) services.


We can work from architectural plans but we always recommend having an inspection to see the exact scope of works

Dekwall Installation

Expert cork walling installation services. We supply the materials and warranty our dekwall installations.

Repair / Refurbishing

We also do repairs and refurbishing if required. Need some guidance? Get in touch with our experts.

Upto a 25 Year Warranty

All our services are provided under warranty. Specialist flooring services delivering excellent results.

Why Our Cork Walling (Dekwall)?

Dekwall coverings are a naturally decorative, available in a wide variety of unique styles, patterns and shades to compliment any décor style, adding comfort and warmth to any room.

Dekwall is a decorative wall tile to bring life to a room and to help with acoustics and minimise noise and maximise privacy. Perfect for a office or meeting room that requires privacy. Quieten down the room that contains the generator or noisy areas within the office.

Cork Walling Benefits