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Cork Flooring and Dekwall

Why Our Cork Flooring?

Cork is natural thermal and acoustic insulator. Cork is available in a click in system (floating floor) or tiles for floor or walls (glue down system).Installation is quick and these systems have a 5year to lifetime guarantee. Cork is also eco-friendly product.

HydroCork and Cork Comfort are our two main cork services. The beautiful thing about this product besides the above, is that it can be applied over existing tiles. This helps to avoid messy and or costly effort to remove tiles. Hydrocork boards are waterproof and will not swell when exposed to humidity. The installation is seamless and flawless with our pressfit technique making the application quick and reasonably easy.

Cork glue down tiles are available in various sizes and colours which are either pre-sealed or sealed on site. Promoting a seamless and  installation process as well easy to maintain.

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Why Our Cork Walling (Dekwall)?

Dekwall coverings are a naturally decorative, available in a wide variety of unique styles, patterns and shades to compliment any décor style, adding comfort and warmth to any room.

Dekwall is a decorative wall tile to bring life to a room and to help with acoustics and minimise noise and maximise privacy. Perfect for a office or meeting room that requires privacy. Quieten down the room that contains the generator or noisy areas within the office.

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Want to find out more about Cork?

Cork being one of the most durable, stylish and eco-friendly products available. If you still not convinced feel free to view the video and find out more about the product installed at Graham Beck by us, Triple Seven Flooring. 

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