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Decorative Screeds

777 Flooring provide expert decorative screed flooring services. Expert flooring solutions.


Flooring Inspection

We can work off of floor plans but we always recommend having a floor inspection to see the exact scope of works

Flooring Installation

Expert flooring installation services. We supply the materials and warranty our flooring installations.

Flooring Refurbishing

We also do floor repairs and refurbishing if required. Need some flooring guidance? Get in touch with our experts.

Upto a 25 Year Warranty

All our services are provided under warranty. Specialist flooring services delivering excellent results.

Why our Decorative Screed Service?

Decorative screed flooring is a synergy between beauty, sustainability and economy, with extra longevity and durability thrown in for good measure. It also allows you to create a seamless floor finish with a flow from indoors to out, thereby extending your indoor living spaces.

This is a cementitious product which comes in a variety of colors and is applied at a 3mm thickness. It is floated to smooth finish and has a mottled look which is sealed with clear polyurethane – matt or gloss. This product is used mainly in residential properties and commercial.

This product does need expansion joints in certain areas across the floor which helps should there be movement of the surface.

Watch Us In Action

Decorative screed Benefits


See some of our Decorative Screed flooring projects below. You’ll see beauty that this flooring solution provides to almost any space.