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Epoxy and Polyurethane Screeds

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Both epoxy and polyurethane self-levelling floors are poured onto a load-bearing floor. The result is a seamless floor finish that is made up of different layers. The floors usually consist of three layers, namely:

  • A primer or scraping layer;
  • A self-levelling layer;
  • Finally the finish.

The scraping layer is used in porous substrates, such as a sand-cement screed, or if the substrate is less even. In industrial spaces, it may be possible to opt out the finish.

The main difference between these floors lies in the hardness of the applied synthetic resin. Epoxy floors are therefore suitable for laboratories, warehouses and workshops. Polyurethane floors are perfect for floors often used in offices and warehouses.

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Epoxy Screeds

This system is a self levelling screeding system which is spike rolled to a smooth high gloss finish.The system is ideal for laboratories and can be applied from 1-3mm and up .Sytem can also be used in residential & commercial applications.

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Polyurethane Screeds

This product is used industrially e.g. abattoirs ,industrial kitchens,wine cellars and laboratories.The product has a matt finish with a non- slip surface .Product can be applied from3mm-9mm depending on industry.Advantage of product is fast setting which allows for short shut down period.Varios colors available.

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